๐Ÿ”ฅGame Updates

Every updating will be announced here! The top update is the newest version.

Version 22 updates:

[New feature]

[Change of account system]

  • All accounts need to be verified by email in order to use the Dapp and play the game.

  • New accounts will be given a free Pet after email verification. This Pet has the same ability as normal airdrop Pets.

[Change of mobile versions]

  • Adjust the game interface on iOS.

  • Add game review popup on mobile devices.

[Change of Dapp]

  • Adjust the Spin button.

  • Add the Account Delete button.

Version 21 updates:


  • Release SPIN feature (view here for more information)

Version 20th updates:


Update resume in-game:

[Apply with features]

  • PVP

  • Adventure

  • Practice.


  • In case the user interrupts the game (switching tabs, pulling the phone notification popup, backing out, etc.), then:

  • With the IOS and Web version: The App will wait for the user for 25 seconds, if the time is up, the user does not return. The user will be kicked.


  • If the user interrupts the game 2 times continuously in 1 timer cycle (25 seconds), they will be kicked.

Version 19 updates:

[New feature]

  • Launch SURVIVAL mode with new gameplay and reward. View the link below for more detail.

[PVP mode]

  • Players will automatically lose the match after 5 missed turns.

[Practice mode]

  • Allow inviting other players into the practice room.

[User interface]

  • Change petโ€™s stats page.

  • Change the support cardโ€™s image.

  • Add search filter by item category.

  • Change some other in-game images and animations.

[Login system]

  • Allow players to register with social network accounts.

  • Allow new players to try through the "Try Now" button: Please don't fill the username to try the โ€œTry nowโ€ feature.


Version 18 updates:

[New feature]

  • Launch PVE feature with new gameplay and reward. View the link below for more detail.


Version 17 updates:

[Change of game rules]

  • Apply defeat/losing penalty when players conduct these activities during the match: switching tabs or minimizing the browser, returning to the main screen when the game is running (pressing the Home button, dragging the application down,... ), opening any interface that overlaps the playing screen game.

[Change of login/ sign-up flow ]

  • Launch the โ€œSocial Loginโ€ & "Email Login" features on dapp.moniwar.io

  • View: Register an account (PC) for more detail

Version 16 updates:

[Change of Stats]

  • Reduce the healing and life-steal stats of all to make the match go faster.

  • Reduce rage power of Pyros (Fire) pets (from x2.5 to x2)

[Change of Adventure Mode]

  • Energy used in Adventure mode will recover 1 point/minute.

  • Reduce stats of all Adventure bosses.

[Order changes]

  • Change the level of PVP BOTs. They will have the same level as the player, and maximum at level 5.

Version 15 updates:


PVP Arena has always been one of Moniwar's important earning features. Through this update, we're transforming it into a more competitive, fairer, and more engaging playing field for everyone.

Let's find out what's interesting about the PVP Arena!

[Fixed bugs]

  • Not showing the gem table at the beginning of the game error.

  • Gems do not match error.

  • Screen lagging error.

[Change of Mechanism]

  • Players will be scored and paired according to the Elo scale.

  • Each will start with 1000 points at the beginning of each season (weekly).

  • Two different players can only meet up to 1 time/day.

  • After a period of time, if you can't pair with others, you will automatically match the bot.

  • Bots have the same number of stars as the players and are usually 1 level higher than the player. The maximum level of the bot is 9.

  • Bots cannot use support cards.

  • The player and bots have the same number of points.

[Change of Ranking]

  • The new ranking mechanism is based on the Elo scale, the player with the higher score will rank above.

  • When player A with the lower score meets player B with the higher score: If A loses, he will lose fewer points; if A wins, he will get more points. On the contrary, B will lose more points when he loses, and get fewer points when he wins.

  • In case two players have the same score, the following criteria will be considered according to the priority from top to bottom:

    • A number of wins: the one with more wins will be ranked above.

    • A number of defeats: the one with fewer losses will be ranked above.

    • Time: the one with the last victory earlier will be ranked above.

[Change of Reward]

  • Rewards including tokens & gems will be distributed via a chest at the leaderboard (Dapp).

  • The Golden Comet event will be closed.

  • Top From 501 reward: lv1 upgrading gem

  • Top 1~500 reward: lv1 upgrading gem + MOWA

[Change of Reward Conditions]

  • Must participate in at least 40 matches.

  • In the top 1000 ranking.

  • Have more than 1000 Elo points at the end of the season.

[Other changes]

  • Add the bot to the โ€œPracticeโ€ feature.

  • Rebalanced pet stats.

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