Always win at spin!


This feature allows you to pay a small fee to make a spin and get rewards in the list at random. Don’t forget that the jackpot is always there for you. Try to spin it!
Spin Teaser

How to play?

Login to your wallet.
Use 50 MOWA or an S-Ticket to make a spin.
You can spin 5 times (x5) or 10 times (x10) at the same time.
When you get NFT as a reward, the system will automatically mint it to your bag.
When you get an S-Ticket, the next time you spin will not cost MOWA.


3* NOVA Pet Fragment: View Here!
S-Ticket: Each S-ticket give you 1 free
Sp Card: View Here!
Upgrading Gems
Lucky Charm


1st Column
3rd Column
4th Column
Warrior support card: 42%
Warrior support card: 10%
Warrior support card: 15%
Warrior support card: 45%
Terminator support card: 20%
Terminator support card: 4%
Terminator support card: 5%
Terminator support card: 30%
Ruby: 9%
Ruby: 6%
Ruby: 9%
Ruby: 5%
Lucky Charm lv1: 2%
Lucky Charm lv1: 5%
Lucky Charm lv1: 9%
Lucky Charm lv1: 10%
S-ticket: 11%
S-ticket: 15%
S-ticket: 12%
S-ticket: 5%
Nova Fragment: 4%
Nova Fragment: 4%
Nova Fragment: 8%
Nova Fragment: 4%
M: 12%
O: 56%
W: 42%
A: 1%


  1. 1.
    All verified accounts can use this feature.
  2. 2.
    100% chance of winning on every spin.
  3. 3.
    The jackpot prize starts with 10,000 MOWA at the first time you spin, and will accumulate more after each spin.
  • Spin x5 gets 10% discount.
  • Spin x10 gets 20% discount.
  • If you have S-Ticket(s), the price for multi-spin will be calculated by this formula :
    Price = (number of Spin - number of Ticket) x 50 x (1-(%discount))
  • For example, if you spin x5 while having 1 S-Ticket, the price is:
    (5-1) x 50 x (1-0.1) = 4 x 50 x 0.9 = 180 mowa

Fee and Tokens Distribution:

When you spin:

By using 50 MOWA:
  • 1% (0,5 MOWA) to Tax Fee
  • 49,5% (24,75 MOWA) to the jackpot pool
  • 49,5% (24,75 MOWA) to the Spin Fee wallet
By using S-Ticket:
  • No MOWA is consumed.

When you hit the Jackpot:

  • 80% will be rewarded to the winner
  • 18% will be added back to the jackpot pool
  • 2% will be sent to the dev's fee wallet