Always win at spin!


This feature allows you to pay a small fee to make a spin and get rewards in the list at random. Donโ€™t forget that the jackpot is always there for you. Try to spin it!

How to play?

Go to: https://dapp.moniwar.io/mowa-spin

Login to your wallet.

Use 50 MOWA or an S-Ticket to make a spin.

You can spin 5 times (x5) or 10 times (x10) at the same time.

When you get NFT as a reward, the system will automatically mint it to your bag.

When you get an S-Ticket, the next time you spin will not cost MOWA.


3* NOVA Pet Fragment: View Here!

S-Ticket: Each S-ticket give you 1 free

Sp Card: View Here!


Upgrading Gems

Lucky Charm


1st Column2ndColumn3rd Column4th Column

Warrior support card: 42%

Warrior support card: 10%

Warrior support card: 15%

Warrior support card: 45%

Terminator support card: 20%

Terminator support card: 4%

Terminator support card: 5%

Terminator support card: 30%

Ruby: 9%

Ruby: 6%

Ruby: 9%

Ruby: 5%

Lucky Charm lv1: 2%

Lucky Charm lv1: 5%

Lucky Charm lv1: 9%

Lucky Charm lv1: 10%

S-ticket: 11%

S-ticket: 15%

S-ticket: 12%

S-ticket: 5%

Nova Fragment: 4%

Nova Fragment: 4%

Nova Fragment: 8%

Nova Fragment: 4%

M: 12%

O: 56%

W: 42%

A: 1%


  1. All verified accounts can use this feature.

  2. 100% chance of winning on every spin.

  3. The jackpot prize starts with 10,000 MOWA at the first time you spin, and will accumulate more after each spin.

  • Spin x5 gets 10% discount.

  • Spin x10 gets 20% discount.

  • If you have S-Ticket(s), the price for multi-spin will be calculated by this formula :

    Price = (number of Spin - number of Ticket) x 50 x (1-(%discount))

  • For example, if you spin x5 while having 1 S-Ticket, the price is:

    (5-1) x 50 x (1-0.1) = 4 x 50 x 0.9 = 180 mowa

Fee and Tokens Distribution:

When you spin:

By using 50 MOWA:

  • 1% (0,5 MOWA) to Tax Fee

  • 49,5% (24,75 MOWA) to the jackpot pool

  • 49,5% (24,75 MOWA) to the Spin Fee wallet

By using S-Ticket:

  • No MOWA is consumed.

When you hit the Jackpot:

  • 80% will be rewarded to the winner

  • 18% will be added back to the jackpot pool

  • 2% will be sent to the dev's fee wallet

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