๐Ÿ›’Purchasing Shop

The shop that automatically buys Gem with the price and quantity depending on the shop owner.

What is this?

Purchasing Shop is a shop that is created by verified users. It will automatically buy Gem with the price and quantity depending on the shop owner.

What is this for?

  • For buyers who only want to buy Gem at a specific price, or donโ€™t have time for shopping at the Market.

  • For sellers who get tired of waiting for customers at the Market.


  • Choose the type of Gem, quantity & price to open a shop. You will then automatically deposit the total amount of MOWA needed to buy all the Gems you need.

  • Once opened, you will not be able to adjust the price and quantity needed.

  • When another user sells you a gem, it will automatically be updated to your Bag.

  • Many shops can be opened at a time, but you canโ€™t simultaneously open 2 shops to buy the same type of Gem.

  • The shop will automatically close when the quantity is purchased, or when the buyer cancels it themselves.

  • When the shop is canceled, you will receive the remaining deposited MOWA from the shop.


  • Shop opening fee: 50 MOWA (now is free).

  • Tax: 2,5% (paid by the seller).

  • Shop cancel fee: 1% of the remaining deposited MOWA.


Here are two cases representing the payment and token distribution of the purchasing shop function.

We have the following 2 participants:

  • Owner (shop creator)

  • Seller

Disclaimer: This example was done on the BSC test net, so the wallet addresses are not valid when used on the main net.

List of main net wallets at the end of this article.

Step 1: The owner opens a shop to buy ruby Owner created a shop to buy 10 rubies, each cost 10 MOWA โ†’ The amount the owner needs to deposit is:

10 x 10 = 100 MOWA

It is indicated in the Bscscan that the amount of 100 MOWA will be distributed as following:

  • 1% to Moniwar's Fee wallet.

  • 99% to the purchasing shopโ€™s contract

Step 2: The seller join in and sell 5 rubies.

In the Bsc scan it is shown that:

The seller sells 5 rubies and gets paid by:

99 x 10/5 = 49.5 MOWA 1.25 MOWA

This amount of money will be transferred to the Fee shop wallet (2.5% of the original 100 MOWA).

So the final amount that is transferred to the seller's wallet will be: 49.5 - 1.25 = 48.25 MOWA.

3. The owner cancels shop

The remaining amount after paying 5 gems to the seller:

This is also the amount the owner receives when they cancel the shop:

List of mainnet wallet addresses and smart contract addresses:

Purchasing shop's fee wallet address:


MOWA fee wallet address:


Shop smart contract address:


Purchasing shop user guide:

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