Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.


How to play:

  • Matching at least 3 same gems to use these power.

  • You can't kill it. The boss has unlimited HP

  • Try to survive as long as you can

  • The boss's strength will increase each turn

When to play:

From 7AM Saturday to 7AM the next Monday (UTC)

  • After the season end, the leaderboard will appear


Reward time: From Tuesday 8AM to Thursday 8AM (UTC)

Reward pool:

  • Only 100 users on the leaderboard can get the reward

  • Top 100 get gems

  • Top 20 get gems and $MOWA

To be on the leaderboard, users need:

  • Finish 5 games

  • High total survival turn (The game has a turn clock at the top left of the screen)

  • If 2 users have equal total survival turn (the user has less total playtime in mode survival will have a higher rank)

Note: Players who violate the following rules will be forfeited and will not be in the leaderboard.

  • Miss 3 turns.

  • Out before finish the game.

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