Game Rules

  • This is considered legal record binding you (organization/ personal") when you use applications (Game base/ Fi/ Fi/ Smart) is owned by MoniWar All the inmates will be processed immediately (caution, complaints, permanently) without ever being notified.
  • Moniwar is a commercial app running on the base of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Allow you to access, gaming, trading, and all transactions are stored on the BSC network.
  • This record is corrected and updated by the MoniWar during the absence of time or for any reason. All information and modifications are directly updated on the applications belonging to MoniWar.
  • By joining the registration and using the application of Moniwar's ownership. You have accepted and obeyed all the laws that have been given.
Rule for account registration:
By using the MoniWar applications: Your registration information is exactly and full of it. You're going to have to maintain that accuracy via full update and timely. You have enough legal power and agree to comply with these terms. You must be a group of people on a juvenile age following protocol in the area you're staying in. You will not access the content (web site, data, intelligence contracts, application) from MoniWar access via automatic means not human. When signing up for an account on MoniWar applications, you agreed to keep your secret about your password and you're totally responsible for using your account and password, we have the right to delete or change the user's name if it's not proper or usual. We have all the right to choose the market and the legal sector to conduct our business, we have the right to restructure or deny the necessary use of the local area's crypts.
  1. 1.
    Registration issue: You need to remember exactly the Email and your wallet address so that the customer service team can verify that you are the owner of the
  2. 2.
    Trading Rules: All external transactions without going through MoniWar's services will not be encouraged, once you've been involved in these transactions, you have to take full responsibility for any of the events that happen. MoniWar won't be responsible for any loss or scouts through any of the non-talk channels that aren't from MoniWar. Access: to know more about the market rules.
  3. 3.
    Fraud and penalties: All behavior down here when detected will be MoniWar keyed the account immediately without warning: Accessing the application of MoniWar's ownership through applications that aren't human beings (Bot). Attempted the ad, manipulated the community into Scam projects via MoniWar chat channel. The actions that hurt the MoniWar credibility (Hack, Trick)
You accept and admit every last thing: The value of the BlockChain fortune can be very moved into your investment, and we can't guarantee any of you who buys Mowa Chain wouldn't lose the money. You have to completely accept the waste of services that were released from MoniWar in our transactions on our applications. All the problems that belong to the BSC network will not be able to take reponsiblility by MoniWar in any form.


In some special cases. To optimize the debugging process. We will temporarily lock your account for 72 hours. An email has been sent the user 24 hours before blocking.

Comments / Complaints:
Any suggestions or complaints will be received via Email: [email protected]
Last updated: 27/11/2021