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If you want to participate in the crypto world in general and Moniwar in particular, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet to exchange and store digital assets (token and NFT). Here we will show you how to use the Metamask wallet and set up a Moniwar account on a mobile phone.

1. What is Metamask?

Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet on the Ethereum (ETH) platform, and also an add-on plugin that allows you to run Dapps right on your computer browser.

Currently, Metamask supports Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Brave browsers as well as mobile apps

2. To create a Metamask wallet

Step 1: Use your phone to access metamask.io

Step 2: Click “Download”, select “Install Metamask for iPhone” or “Install Metamask for Android”

Step 3: Install the MetaMask application to your phone then open it, select “Create a new Wallet”

Step 4: Input a login password and click “Create Password”

Step 5: Then Metamask will give you a Seed Phrase (secret recovery phrase) in a fixed order. This is an extremely important private key to access and restore the wallet, make sure to keep it safe. Read the security warnings and click “Start”

Step 6: Click "View" to see 12 keywords (Seed Phrase). Write it down in the correct order and preserve it carefully. Then click “Continue”

Step 7: Confirm the private key by re-entering the 12 keywords in the correct order

Step 8: After receiving the “Success” message, choose “Complete Backup”

Step 9: Congratulations, you have successfully created your wallet. Click “Done” to continue

Step 10: Select “Agree” to confirm, then you will be directed to the wallet interface.

3. What is BNB Chain?

BNB Chain is a layer 1 blockchain known for its quick processing speed and user-friendliness. This is one of the ecosystems that attract the most cash flow in recent times, and it also has many outstanding features and products, including the Moniwar project.

4. To change your wallet to BNB Chain

After creating, Metamask's default network will be Ethereum. If you want to change your wallet to BNB Chain network to use Moniwar, kindly follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the menu in the left corner of the screen, select “Settings”

Step 2: In Settings, select “Networks” > “Add Network”

Step 3: A list of other popular blockchain networks will appear here. Select “BNB Smart Chain”

Step 4: Select “Approve” > “Switch to network”

Step 5: Your Metamask Wallet has successfully changed to the BNB Smart Chain

5. To show MOWA token on your wallet

MOWA is the main currency of Moniwar. It can be used to gacha, buy and sell in-game items (NFT), join a farming pool, or trade with others as foreign currency.

The newly created Metamask wallet will not be able to display MOWA token, so you need to add it manually.

Step 1: Từ màn hình chính của Metamask, chọn “Import tokens”

Step 2: Fill in the first line Token Address of the MOWA token, then select “Import”

Token Address: 0x411Ec510c85C9e56271bF4E10364Ffa909E685D9

Step 3: The MOWA token has been successfully displayed on your wallet.

6. Ok it's time to get yourself a Pet

To start your journey in the world of Moniwar, you will need a powerful assistant - a lovely but strong Pet. There are 2 fastest ways for you to get them in Moniwar:

1st way: Buy them at the marketplace. This is a trading market between players, you can use MOWA to buy and sell here. Link: https://dapp.moniwar.io/nft/market

2nd way: Claim airdrop Pet (if you are a winner through AMA session or events of Moniwar) Link: https://dapp.moniwar.io/claim-nft

7. Create an account and login to Moniwar

Step 1: Scan this QR code to download the game:

Step 2:

  • If you choose (1), click “Sign up” and select MetaMask wallet

  • If you choose (2), click on the corresponding email/social network icon

Here we will guide you in detail the (1) option.

Step 3: This is the MetaMask application's own web browser. Once automatically redirected to https://dapp.moniwar.io/, select “Connect Wallet” > “MetaMask”

Step 4: Select “Connect” and fill in the necessary information to complete the account registration.

Step 5: Return to the Moniwar app, log into the game and explore a vibrant and fascinating world!

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