Pet Stats

Introduction the pets Stat in dapp
Pet information on market
Sale price: This is the price of the pet, sellers can change the price whatever they want.
Attributes: Information of the
  • Character: There are 5 elements, read here for more info.
  • Star: A higher star for a powerful pet and so does the price.
  • Skill level: There are 9 levels of skill, Skill upgrades are separate from the Pet level upgrade
  • Hashrate: This is an indicator that shows the Mining ability of Pets in the NFT mining pool.
  • Boosted: It's a show of farming Pet's ability in NFT.
Details: The power stat of pet.
  • Total blood: Max blood of the pet.
  • Blood: The amount of health that a pet can have per diamond in gameplay board
  • Trigrams: The amount of health/mana that a pet can absorb per diamond in gameplay board
  • Mana Pool: Max mana of a pet
  • Mana: The amount of mana that a pet can have per mana diamond in gameplay board
  • Angry: The amount of Rage that a pet can have per rage diamond in gameplay board
  • Damage: The amount of Dame that a pet can have per sword diamond in gameplay board
  • Damage branch: When the Pet can counter the others by the "5 elements rule". They can  create more damage to the countered one.
  • Damage Angry: When the user full fills the rage bar. The following hit will be the double damage hit.
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