Token Farming

Steps to farm token $MOWA on Moniwar
Step 1: Log in to the following website:, and connect it to your wallet (connect wallet) in the right corner of the screen.
Step 2: Choose Buy MOWA -> Liquidity and select MOWA/BUSD coins, then enter the desired amount (noted that the amount of imported coins does not exceed the total assets in your wallet) to create liquidity.
Step 3: Next, in the menu bar on the left side of the screen, click Pool Token -> Farm
Step 4: In the farming site, you will see the LP Token MOWA/BUSD pair appear, and the project's statistics:
  • Total MOWA Gain (Earned)
  • Earn token/month rate (APR)
  • Total value of LP funds added to farms (liquidity)
  • The multiplier represents the percentage of MOWA rewards that each farm receives, according to the percentage of MOWA generated per block (Multiplier).
At this point, you just need to connect to the wallet (connect wallet) and start staking, over time you will receive MOWA coins with the corresponding percentage of APR.
You can also increase the rate by adding liquidity (LP adding) to stake in farms by clicking (+)
During the time, you can harvest your MOWA any time by clicking Harvest.
If you want to stop farming, click (-) to withdraw LP then you can withdraw your LP here to get back MOWA + BUSD tokens.


Overall, the Pool Token feature is quite simple, and this is a great opportunity for you to farm MOWA tokens for free. Bonus tokens will be transferred to your wallet and ready for being traded up.
Last modified 1yr ago