Create Metamask wallet

First, you need a Wallet to connect.

How to install Metamask Extension on Chrome browser?

Step 1: Visit the website:

Step 2: Click โ€œDownloadโ€, select โ€œInstall Metamask for Chromeโ€

Step 3: Add the extension to the browser.

Step 4: โ€œImport walletโ€ if you already have โ€œPrivate Keyโ€, if you do not have a wallet, click โ€œCreate a Walletโ€

Step 5: Read the terms carefully and agree to the terms

Step 6: Create a password for the wallet, and confirm

Step 7: Below is the Secret Recovery Phrase, this is the wallet key, if you lose this, you will lose your account. The password above is no more important than this one. Remember to save your Private Key and keep it secure.

Step 8: Re-enter the order of the saved Private Key, and click confirm. If you forget the secret key phrase (Seed Phrases), it means that your wallet is lost forever, so you need to write down the Seed Phrases carefully.

Step 9: Confirm and go to the wallet interface. In the corner of the browser, there is a section to attach the app to the browser. You click on the icon to attach.

Step 10: Finish attaching the wallet to the browser. After you pin the app, it will be on the corner of the browser.

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