๐Ÿคบ1 vs 1

Here is a step-by-step guide to participate in Moniwar's PVP mode.

  • After logging into the game, select the PVP icon.

  • Then choose 1 vs 1 mode.

- The yellow arrow shows your remaining hits. If this number is zero, it means you have run out of turns for that day.

- The purple arrow shows your rank and score in PVP mode.

- The blue arrow is Leaderboard, where you can check other peopleโ€™s rankings in this solo mode.

- If you have remaining hit points, you can play by clicking the โ€œPlay Nowโ€ button at the lower right corner.

  • In the preparation phase, you can choose a pet (blue arrow) and support cards (yellow arrow), then click โ€œReadyโ€ (green arrow).

  • After the system has found an opponent, wait a few seconds for countdown to enter the battle.

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