๐Ÿ“–Market rules

In order to ensure a successful purchase:

  1. NFT can be purchased in the Moniwar NFT market with $MOWA

  2. After NFT is listed in the trading market, operations such as transfer, auction, mining, and farming are not allowed.

  3. The market will charge 3,5% of the sellerโ€™s revenue as a service fee, of which 80% is used for Play to earn pool, 10% enters the MOWA liquidity Pool, and 10% is for developing the product.

  4. Only for NFT not pet: The users only have 1 slot to sell any type of NFT, which means that the users cannot separately sell an NFT of the same type. Users only can remove the old NFT from the market and sell all of them (same type) in one turn.

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