ðŸ‘ĨReferral feature

What is it?

This feature gives you passive income based on the number of players that you invited!


  • Each player has a unique REF Code. You can get it from Moniwar Dapp > Wallet address > My Account > Referal (only for verified accounts)

  • Give this code to the new user. If they enter the code when creating an account, the two accounts will be linked.

  • When the new account accomplishes a task, both of you will be rewarded.

  • If they forgot to enter the code when creating an account and did all the tasks already, they can always do it later at My Account . Both of you will still get the rewards.


Only apply for those accounts created after 08:00 AM UTC Aug 15th 2022 as Invitee.

  • Only the accounts that are created after the Referral feature is launched can input REF Code from other players.

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