Moniwar NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

We aim at making Moniwar NFT Marketplace one of the top cross-chain NFT marketplaces in the blockchain space. Monimarketplace is where users can exchange unlimited NFT categories such as pets and in-game items.

‌ The marketplace includes four smaller sections mentioned below.

Moniwar Shop

Moniwar Shop is the main exchange market of the community. Here, players and investors can easily buy and sell their game items and pets to others.

Moniwar pool & Moniwar NFT pool

Where players and investors can mine and farm $MOWA or Moniwar NFT.

Moniwar Action

The way players and investors can earn rewards, get exclusive pets or items in the game, and trade them in the shop. There are two main ways: Blindbox and Auction.

  • BlindBox: BlindBox is awarded to players after each round in the game or can be bought on the market. When opening a BlindBox, players have a chance to receive items, pets, cards, or upgrading stones. Buy BlindBox and get Moniwar NFT! BlindBox can also be bought and sold on the market.

  • Auction: Creators and sellers can launch NFT auctions in the marketplace to broadcast their NFTs to broader potential buyers and earn higher chances of selling them at a higher value.

Moniwar Bounty

Before and during the launch and IDO stage of Moniwar, there will be a lot of airdrop events and minigames where lucky attendees can receive valuable prizes and early NFT items from the publisher.


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