Item/ Pet Selling

  • Only for NFT not pet: The users only have 1 slot to sell any type of NFT, which means that the users cannot separately sell an NFT of the same type. Users only can remove the old NFT from the market and sell all of them (same type) in one turn.
  • Select Mint & Bag > Bag from the side bar.

Pet :

  • Choose an NFT that you want to sell.
You Can fill down the price by MOWA,
After that, confirm the transaction and waiting for the system to process it.

NFT Item:

Got to your bag, find an NFT to sell
Choose the NFT and click s
The first line is the quality of NFT that you want to sell.
You can choose to turn on/off the MOWA and BNB currencies.
The Yellow number is the exchange number from MOWA to BNB
Total is the summary of the price.
Total = Quality x Price per
Check the price carefully before hit OK.
Waiting for the system to confirm.
You can go to tab market and click "My NFT"